Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trailer: Don't Be Afraid of The Dark

Jeezuz Christ! Now that I am just getting to the point where I am finally able to purge some of the terrifying memories from the 1973 TV movie of the same name, they go and remake this. Who would do such a thing? Well Guillermo del Toro co-wrote this with Matthew Roberts and it is directed by Troy Nixey (?) that's who.
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I  have not been able to purge from my head the image of the creatures pulling Kim Darby down the stairs and into their layer, while she uses a camera flash to create light (the foil of the creatures). It is terrifying.

And look at the way the creatures are done in this one. Part monkey, part goblin, and all evil. I am simultaneously scared of this and excited to get a viewing.

Anybody else have memories of this film like I do?

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  1. The old TV movie scared the hell out of me as a kid too. Should be a good flick.